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A very minor case of serious brain damage

My picks:

Atlanta over Phildelphia
New England over Tennessee
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
Minnesota over New Orleans

Also, just spotted the ribbon requirement:
If you get 8 or more total wins, you get a Red Ribbon!

To be honest, this is too easy. It means someone with an 8-7 win/loss rate wins a ribbon. It also means someone guessing blindly (with a 50% chance of winning with each guess) has a 50% chance of winning the ribbon. This is not an "exceptional achievement, above and beyond what is normally required to win": see what I said at the end of last year here.

I'd be happy to accept "At least 10 wins", or "At least 8 wins with a 67% win/loss rate", though. So, could you please raise the ribbon requirement?
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