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Award Gallery
Official Award Gallery

You may have noticed that some members have a box beneath their signature, containing a series of trophies, medals and ribbons. These are Official Awards, which are given as prizes to those who achieve highly within certain areas of the forum, and also to those who make outstanding contributions to the community. These awards are divided into four basic categories:

  • Blue Trophy Special Contributions trophies - The highest level of award, given out to those who contribute measurably to the community in specific areas, beyond simply being active.
  • Golden Controller Forum Contributions trophies - The second-highest level of award, given out to those who make outstanding contributions within a particular forum.
  • Orange Ribbon Contest Ribbons - Awarded by contest leaders for outstanding performances in their contests, above and beyond what is normally required to win.
  • Gold Medal Medals - Awarded for miscellaneous achievements not covered by the above categories. These include the annual "Member of the Year" and "Newcomer of the Year" awards voted on by the member base.

For more information on the sub-categories within each of these categories, see this topic.

This gallery contains a complete listing of the awards that have been won by Coffee House members throughout its history, complete with links to the relevant topics where appropriate. In order to view the awards which have been handed out within a specific category, please select one of the links above.

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